Make Healing Your Routine

Soul never ignores our insistence


My Dear Inner Travelers,

Welcome to Soulnioi by Han. Great gratitude to the universe for our miraculous encounter.

The astrologer, healer, occult researcher, or the FE, are the identities that people recognize Han as.

We appreciate being able to share Han's story with inner travelers who may still be confused:

Han's Selection

Purification & Protection

[Obsidian and Translucent Plaster Sets]

negative energy eliminator with aura cleanser

Love & Wisdom

[Crystal Quartz and Rose Quartz Sets]

relationships guarder for couples, infuser of love wisdom

Wealth & Health

[Fatima Crystal Collection Sets]

lucky caller with the guarder of inner health

Healing & Emotion

[Seven Chakra Worry Stone Sets]
soul wakeners with the emotion protector